King Cyrus Glitters Gold is definitely King of the cattery. He is a beautiful Brown Spotted boy with some rosetting, and lots of glitter. He has a nice solid build and is curious and confident.  Cyrus is retiring Summer 2018 and will placed as a pet. His son Zeus will continue as a King.

Early mornings with Cyrus.

Cyrus on a red carpet showing off his rufous (variation of red/rust) tone that makes him look very warm and exotic.

Black and White photo of handsome Xerxes.

King Xerxes Silver Fire, is a muscular, heavy, Silver spotted boy who feels and moves like a jungle cat. He has a thick shiny pelt and is absolutely the most loving bengal we have. He has a very intense personality and requires a lot of hands on playtime and physical touch which is typical of the breed but he is over-the-top!  Xerxes retired after his 2017 Spring litter. His son Amare Bengals Rockerfeller "Rocko" of Rahimi Bengals will take his place in 2018. Pictured to the right.

Xerxes giving me his "Sweety Boy" face. 

Queen Raj-amazing Beauty, is a gorgeous Seal (spotted) Mink Bengal who was extreamily shy as a kitten but over time has become very social. Her pelt is full of glitter and she is loaded with spots.

Raja LOVES water and it is a challenge to keep her from tipping her water bowl over daily. She also drinks from her paw instead of the bowl.

Raja is an extreamily intelligent Bengal and is full of suprises! Raja will be retiring the Summer 2018. She will join her half sister Ming who is also retired in a pet home. The two will become "Golden Girls together. If you are intersted in an up-coming retiree, please reach out via our contact page. All of our Kings and Queens are retired between 3-4 years of age to ensure a long life as a family pet.

Kings & Queens of the Cattery

“A cat has absolute emotional honesty: human beings, for one reason or another, may hide their feelings, but a cat does not.”
~Ernest Hemingway

Meet the parents! RAHIMI BENGALS are kept indoors. We are happy to be a small cattery and will continue to limit the number of Kings and Queens we are privledged to have. Regardless of how our breeding program will grow and change, our breeding cats are our pets, and our pets are our family. All parents are PRA-b, HCM, and PK-def tested.

King Darius has an outgoing personality and is a very kind, very big guy. His best friend in our is our dog Coco who is a neutered Pomeranian who believes he is Darius' cat mother. Darius is the only marble bengal at RAHIMI BANGALS.

Starkittie Darius of Rahimi Bengals is a handsome brown sheet marble male. His pelt is like chocolate silk. He is highly affectionate; it is a joy to have such a sweet boy who produces such beautiful kittens!

Sephora Ellington of Rahimi Bengals, "Ellie" is a stunning brown rosetted female Bengal. This gal has it all, the looks, the personality and that Bengal curiosity that we all know and love! She is terrific with children and dogs. Ellie is also a wonderful mother!